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Nash Boogie

Nash Boogie

Nash Boogie

Nash Boogie FKA (N-Pire Da Great) is an emcee/producer from Sacramento,CA.. Being on the verge of legacy Nash is set to take music to next level with genre/blending production, effortless delivery and seamless bars. With recent placements like Quincy White – Hope (The7) & Lloyd Banks – History 2 (Blue Friday Series) as well as recent releases “Make America 08 Again” and “VII” Nash Is set to show you he’s not content with being placed in any box. If your just now tuning in let me start by saying “where have you been?” Lol! Ending with “it’s perfect timing” for what’s upcoming in the near future!! Nash has worked diligently since his first solo release “Everybody Hates Nash” in 2011 which ironically was the same year he produced “I Plotted” for Brotha Lynch Hung (Strange Music). Read more...

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